CONSULMARK relaunches project Omnibus in July.

Being a multi-client study, Omnibus is a quick and inexpensive solution as it allows to reduce research costs, since each client will only pay for the questions he asks in the questionnaire, diluting the structural costs for the remaining participants. The Omnibus CONSULMARK has a monthly periodicity and a sample of 1000 individuals, aged 15 or more, residing in mainland Portugal. The use of the CATI system (telephone interviews) allows for a,,pt,nbso online casino,,en,great speed in delivering results.,,pt,For more detailed information on scheduling and costs, contact us to,,pt,CONSULMARK relaunches the Omnibus project in July. | Consulmark,,pt nbso online casino grande rapidez na entrega dos resultados.

Para informações mais detalhadas sobre calendarização e custos, contacte-nos para