• Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
    Food, Baby food, Alcoholic beverages and Non-alcoholic beverages, Cosmetics//Perfumery, Personal Hygiene, Cleaning Products
  • Industry
    Motor vehicles, Cork, Furniture/Home equipment, Paper, Childcare, Tobacco, Clothing, Paints
  • Agriculture
    Food; Chemical Products; Flowers/Plants
  • Miscellaneous equipment
    Built-in appliances, DIY, Toys, Information Technology, Crystals, Household Appliances, Telecommunications
  • Distribution and Commercial Premises
    Wholesalers, Retailers, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Outlets
  • Advertising and Communication
    Advertising Agencies, Media Agencies
  • Media
    Press, Radio, Television
  • Information Technologies
    Internet, Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications, Cable TV, Interactive TV
  • Education
    Social Research Centres, Publishing Houses, Universities
  • Financial and Insurance Products
    Banking, Consumer Credit Companies, Insurance, ATM Services
  • Transport
    Sector Associations, Railways, Coach Companies, Underground Railway
  • Miscellaneous Services
    Mail, Directories, Natural Gas, Other Fuels
  • Health and Pharmaceutical Industry
    Associations, Laboratories, Opticians, Natural Products
  • Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Social Games
    Cinema, Collecting, State Institutes
  • Socio-Political
    Municipal Associations, Local Authorities, Political Parties