About Us

The Consulmark is a full-service Market Research company, which operates both in terms of qualitative and quantitative studies, providing high quality solutions.

The mission of Consulmark is to offer a highly specialized service and, in particular for projects "as" contribute their depth analysis for strategic planning of companies and institutions their customers.

Besides conducting projects locally, both for national and international companies, the scope of activity of Consulmark extends to participation in international projects, or coordination of projects to major national companies conducted in other countries, as well as studies of driving experience in African countries - Angola and Cape Verde.

The Consulmark integrates since 2005 GALLUP EUROPE network to conduct the following projects:

  • Eurobarómetros Flash for the European Union (2006-2011) - more than 72,000 interviews were conducted, involving different targets, namely: population, teachers, journalists, youth, businessmen, politicians;
  • Studies on Discrimination and Minorities in Portugal (seen groups: Brazilian, African and Gypsy Community) to FRA (Human Rights Foundation) (2008; 2011);
  • World Poll survey - Annual barometer (2005-2011);
  • European Study on Crime and Security (European Crime and Safety Survey) (2005);
  • Post-Elections European survey (2009).
  • Study on Corporate Crime (2012)

In the area of ​​qualitative studies, Consulmark integrates since 2009 the OPTEM QUALITATIVE EUROPEAN NETWORK network, conducting local studies for the European Union.